Blessed's Shih Tzu

From Tiny Imperials to Small Show Standard. AKC



Blessed's Mon-Chéri

She's a real jewel. Her posture, conformation, strong temperament and sassy at the same time. Cherie is the one that make the traffic stop to contemplate her. Excellent thick double coat with a deep red color. Gourgeous face and very compact body. Her grandfather is CAN.TH.CH.Wenrick's Hollywood Actor, his sire is WORLD CHAMPION AM.CAN.MEX.LUX.IT.POL.INT.CH.Wenrick's Hollywood Hit. 8.5" tall and 8.9 lbs

Blessed's Reign

She's Mon Chéri's daughter and my red stud Royce's full sister. With that said you can already imagine how awesome she is and her incredible Champion and tiny lines. Her personality is depend of yours. If you want to play all day, she'll play all day, if you want to just lay down she'll be right beside you. Loves belly rubs and neck kisses. She produces exceptional babies with a very rich red color. 8.5" tall and 8.5 lbs


Blessed's Lil' Drop Of Blessings aka "Bliss"

She's the quiet one at home. I barely hear her bark. Adorable and so smart! Full of tiny lines and gives me the smallest babies within 4-6lbs full grown. Beautiful silky and thick coat so easy to maintain. short body great structure and heavy bones. She's a perfect lil' package. 7.5" tall and 6 lbs


Blessed's Nothing Outshines Your Bling aka "Bling Bling"

He is my dream, my heart, my everything! This tiny boy is the alpha at home. He owns everything and everybody! Feisty personality but full of joy. His pedigree is extremely and perfectly awesome! FULL of tiny Shang Su lines. He has the prettiest smoochiest face, short body and perfect silky hair. Amazing teeny tiny lines in all his pedigree. There's no time for sadness around him. As soon as I open the door of my house I see him hopping like a lil rabbit and wagging his tail on top of the sofa. I'm truly blessed to own him. 7.5" tall and 4 lbs.

Blessed's Red Hot & Top Of The Line aka "Royce"

Mon Chéri's son and Reign's full brother. Great Ch. and tiny lines. Awesome laid back personality, thick double coat and a set of big round eyes that you will fell in love with. Daddy's lines are very tiny and deep red including Trinketzu, Puppies in a Box, Saluse and Champion lines like Wenrick, Xeralanes, Hallmark Jolei, and more. ...9" tall and 9 lbs