Blessed's Shih Tzu

From Tiny Imperials to Small Show Standard. AKC



Blessed's Charming

She's such a sweet girl!  Very affectionate and loving, Charming is also content to play by herself or lay quietly at our feet if our laps are already full. She loves to run and pounce and play.  She will randomly run up to me to get a quick belly rub and then off to run and play some more. Excellent silky and very easy to manage coat with a beautiful  soft chocolatey color with tan markings. Gorgeous face always smiling. :)
Blessed's Mahali

Mahali is a liver cream (soft chocolate) color. She's so docile and happy girl with an ultra
silk coat and a beautiful face. Her name means "The tender one" in Hebrew and she really goes after her name. All she care is about hugs and kisses. Well... she loves treats too! She comes from a very well known breeder that produces the sweetest faces. I'm so happy to be able have her at home. 8.5" and 8 lbs

Blessed's Charlotte

Second generation here at Blessed's Shih Tzu. She's out of Sapphire and Royce (info in the boy's section). She has the biggest begger eyes that will melt your heart! Beautiful thick red hair. You can put her in any position and as long as you touch her she doesn't care. Extremely sweet personality like her parents. Her favorite hobby is to bark at the cat. :) 8.5" tall and 8.5 lbs.


 Blessed's Dream

A Bling Bling daughter. Her name says it all, she's a Dream! My heart leapt when I first saw Dream!  Those great big eyes and short little black nose gave me goose bumps!  She was exactly what I had been searching for and is so hard to find.  It was as if she walked right out of my dreams and into my arms!  Beside the lovely face, she has the most charming personality ever! Sassy, quiet, lovely, joyful and playful. Yes she can be all of them at the same time! She looks like a real doll and her way to walk and stand are flawless. Her mom is full of Champions and her dad is full of tinies from well known lines in both sides. She's a tiny show girl for sure. I can't wait to see her babies in 2018!

**She didn't make her breeding size requirement so at her 9 months old and 3.5 lbs she went to live with her forever home as pet.**




Blessed's Nothing Outshines Your Bling aka "Bling Bling"

Bling Bling is the most sweet natured, eager-to-please, happy little guy you could ever want to meet. Not only does he live to please, he is very smart and learns so fast! He’s an itty-bitty little guy. He owns my heart! This tiny boy is the alpha at home. He owns everything and everybody! Feisty personality but full of joy. His pedigree is extremely and perfectly awesome! FULL of tiny Shang Su lines. He has the prettiest smoochiest face, short body and perfect silky hair. Amazing teeny tiny lines in all his pedigree. There's no time for sadness around him. As soon as I open the door of my house I see him hopping like a lil rabbit and wagging his tail on top of the sofa. I'm truly blessed to own him. 7.5" tall and 4.5 lbs.



Blessed's Keep It Calm & B Cool aka "Mr. Cool"

Born and bred here out of Charming and Beau. This lil guy stole my heart before he can even open his eyes! The more he grew the more I loved him. His personality is a combination of a bunny and a kitten. All he wants to do is play with her mom by fidgeting with anything he finds and hopping around. Oh and I haven't mention that his lines are magnificents! Full of small lines with flat faces and bitty noses. He's 5 lbs.

Dad's Pedigree (Beau)

Mom's Pedigree (Charming)


Blessed's Bam Bam

Talking about a flat flat smochie face! When I saw him I had the same feeling I felt when I saw Bling Bling for the first time. I knew he needed to be mine! Following his granddaddy Bling Bling's steps, he's a third Blessed's generation combined with more stunning faces from his mom's side. Amazing pedigree as well as amazing personality. He's 4 lbs with a 100 lbs attitude lol!