Blessed's Shih Tzu

From Tiny Imperials to Small Show Standard. AKC


All our Shih Tzu puppies are AKC registered.  The prices on the puppies will vary depend on their sex, size, Full or Limited registration, etc.. but is usually from $2,000-3,500.  You will see the puppy's price below each photo.  Not all the puppies will be sold with Full AKC. They will stay longer with me to make sure you are getting an excellent baby for your breeding program. If we find something that is not appropriate for breeding, I won't sell him/her with full registration. Full registration price is $500 higher than limited AKC. There's a lot of money and effort invested to have the best breeding crew, and our lines are very important for us, therefore, in order to protect our lines, full AKC won't be given to every breeder, and a contract need to be sign.

Our puppies are bred for health, beauty, and loving dispositions.  I am committed to do everything that I can to guaranty that our puppies have excellent health, wonderful personalities and are well socialized which is the easiest of my responsibilities.


Delivery is available with a Pet Nanny. Pet Nannies will fly in cabin with your baby and give him/her to you personally at your closest international airport. If you live in Fl but more than 3 hours away and can't make it home, ground Nanny delivery is also available. The nanny will deliver your baby to your home or your desired meeting place.

Flight Pet Nanny: $450

Ground Pet Nanny: $250 in Florida only.