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Next Litters:

Ellie Bee x Harley Exp Date of birth: April 28 2024

Lily x Harley Exp Date of birth May 14 2024

*I'll always have the right to the first pick of the litter

We require a non-refundable $100 deposit per puppy in order to secure your place on the list. This fee allows for priority placement on the waiting list and helps me eliminate individuals who are not serious about purchasing. The paid amount will be applied to the future purchase price of the desired furkid.

3 Payment Options:

Zelle: 813-506-9111 (You'll see either Sheila or Luis)
Venmo: @Blessed_ShihTzu  (do not turn on purchases, send as friends/family)
Cashapp: @BlessedShihTzu 


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What to expect when you join the waiting list

1. Pay $100 waitlist fee via Venmo, Zelle or Cash App to be on our waiting list. This fee goes towards the final price of the puppy. Deposits are first come first served.

2. The Waitlist Fee is non-refundable for any reasons, no exceptions.

3. You will be notified when the baby of your preference is available for reservation, please make sure you respond as soon as possible to confirm which puppy you’d like your deposit to go towards to OR pass and wait for next litter.

4. Being on the waitlist does not mean the puppy is automatically reserved to you, it means you will be notified by us when we update new babies (if match your preference) on the site and the puppies listed as available on the first page can be reserved by anyone else if you do not confirm that you want your deposit to go towards a baby.

5. Even though multiple people are on the waitlist for the same preference, they’ll be notified at the same time.

6. Once you have confirmed the baby you’d like your deposit to go towards, you must complete the remaining balance for the deposit which is $200.

Please Note: If you are on the waitlist and we have notified you of new litters and received no response from you within 24 hours, you will be subject to waitlist removal with no refunds.

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